Laser Key Products

Are you in the business of high-security keys? We carry an extensive range of Laser Key products in one convenient place.

We are proud to offer the 3D XTREME "S2" High-Security Key Machine (LKP), the best value in high-security key cutting on the market and the 3D ELITE HS Key Machine, the next generation high-security key cutting machine, which cuts by code, including half-cuts. Some of the many inclusions in the kit are a Laptop, Genericode, a cutting wheel for standard keys, an integrated brush wheel, a chip tray, and much more! With your purchase, you can benefit from a 2-year warranty on parts and labor.

You can also find other Laser Key products such as the 3D PRO Spare Cutter, 3D XTREME Cutter for Lexus 80K-Series (TR0.625), 3D Xtreme Spare Brush Wheel, 3D Xtreme Spare Cutter Wheel, 3D PRO Standard Duplicating Tracing Adapter for Xtreme, and 3D PRO Tubular Jaw / Adapter for Xtreme.